Howard Alcosser
Howard Alcosser has earned a M.A. and B.A. in Mathematics and has taught all levels of high school mathematics for 38 years. He has taught AP* Calculus AB and BC and IB Higher Level Math at Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California for 33 years where he has been the architect of the AP* Calculus program that was designated "Best in the World" in 2005 and "Best in the Nation" in 2007 by the College Board in their Report to the Nation and California's Best by the Siemens Foundation in 2008. Howard was named by the College Board* in 2006 as one of 20 Exemplary AP* Teachers in the Western Region. Howard has been an AP* Calculus Reader for over 16 years and has led workshops as a College Board* Endorsed Consultant in Hawaii, Palo Alto, Bellevue, Las Vegas, Tacoma, Long Beach, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Hollywood, Riverside, Spokane, Birmingham, and San Antonio. He has also presented at AP Annual Conferences in Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio, and for the California Mathematics Council at Asilomar and  in Palm Springs, California as well as the NCTM Conference in Hartford, Connecticut.
Howard also has a website that includes AP* Calculus free response solutions and helps teachers and students with mathematics questions called "Ask Mister Calculus":
Participants' comments about Howard's workshops:
• Thank you, Howard! You rejuvenated me for the fall and put so many good ideas into my head and I'm excited to get started planning and teaching! I'm sure I'll be emailing you at some point with some questions :)

• Just got my scores. I went from a 33% (6/18) pass rate my first year to 100% (17/17) pass rate this year!  Changed up a few things due to your suggestions and summer workshop. Did the homework due everyday, jacked up the points, did the 2 column homework, and used your pacing and worksheets!  It was amazing!  Thank you so much!

• WOW! What a great week.  I learned so much and I'm excited to start the year.  I REALLY appreciated how much we discussed best instructional practices in addition to the content.  I have been disappointed in past AP institutes where 99% of the time was content-based.  I soaked up all the good ideas and I'm looking forward to taking them back to my school in Indio.  Thanks for everything you do for teachers and students!  I look forward to seeing you again next year.

•  Thank you for a wonderful professional development workshop. I appreciate all the tools and strategies you showed and this institute is one I will always remember for the rest of my career. I especially appreciate you calling out to our group that calculus is accessible to all our students and a reminder that we, as professionals, must do our part in ensuring that access can be provided to all students.  Your example has recharged me for another year and I am grateful for your reminder.

•  I’ve been to a lot of professional development sessions in my 9 years of teaching but this one was the best. Thank you for your advice, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiring character.

• I wanted to thank you for providing us with some great ideas and materials at the workshop. Last year I incorporated the FIVES sheets into my lessons and "stole" some other ideas and the results were great. The pass rate was the highest it has ever been and the highest in our district and we had more 5s than ever before!!!!!

•  Thank You!!! This has been by far the most informative and productive workshop that I have attended. I look forward to attending future workshops lead by Mr. Calculus.

•  Thank you for a wonderful learning opportunity for me, a new teacher of AP Calculus. The week-long institute has energized me and I cannot wait to begin school. I learned quite a bit of pedagogy and want to let you know that I may be asking some questions of you now and then about pedagogy and other ideas/questions that most likely will come up.  Again, thank you for showing me the ropes and giving examples of how you go over the important topics in your classes.
AP* Seminars Silicon Valley Summer Institute
AP* Calculus AB
Course Content
Each day will be a blend of the following activities:
1. Detailed coverage of the current AP* Calculus AB syllabus including the new AP Calculus Framework in preparation for the May AP* Calculus exam.  Problems illustrating the concepts will be discussed and solved both in and out of class.

2. Presentations on significant topics, including some chosen by the participants. These could include the definition of the derivative, the chain rule, the recently-added L’Hospital’s Rule, the fine points of locating maxima and minima and other applications of derivatives, integration by substitution, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, applications of definite integrals, exponential growth and other differential equations. The ability of technology to quickly compute an approximation to a definite integral has opened up easy solutions and new approaches to old problems, and this is reflected in some of the questions on recent tests.

3. Application of the four AP* approved calculator functionalities using a TI 84+ calculator. Participants are expected to bring the calculator they normally use.

4. Explanation of the scoring standards of AP* Calculus in relation to the tests and their sections. The rubric for scoring the recent free response section will be presented and participants will experience how it was scored. We'll also look at selected problems from recently released Practice Exams.

5. The College Board's Equity and Access statement and my Philosophy of Success will also be a focus throughout the workshop.

There should be plenty of discussion time, both during the sessions and in the free time, to share strategies, plans and experiences with content presentation and the technologies that are available. Participants are encouraged to bring copies of successful laboratory exercises for sharing. Many, many, many resources will be handed out both as paper handouts and on my Google Drive or on a flash drive.