Connie Rigney

Connie Rigney has taught AP Calculus for over 30 years at Rim of the World High School. In addition, she has been lucky enough to work for the College Board for approximately 20 years now, filling positions as Reader, Table Leader and Question Team Member. In 2015, Connie began consulting for the College Board, leading one day workshops and Summer Institutes.  It is this knowledge and experience that Connie hopes to share with you at the Summer Institute this week!

Calculus AB
AP Seminars Silicon Valley, 2020
Four Day Outline

The four-day workshop will be a blend of activities and resources, a variety of which will be covered each day.  Throughout the week, participants will be asked to focus on items of interest to them.  If  YOU, the participant, have a particular subject to consider, please bring it up!! We will be using calculators all week, in addition (potentially) to some internet activities, so bring your technology along.  Each day we will examine problem types that occur commonly on the AP Exam, and the scoring guidelines for those problems.  Student work samples shall be evaluated each day as well. Participants are encouraged to bring favorite lessons to share.

1.      The College Board has created many resources for us to use.  To begin with, one Day 1, we will have activities to become familiar with the Curriculum Framework and the Four Mathematical Practices for AP Calculus.  In addition, practice with discerning between good solutions to problems, and great solutions through group work and discussion. We will practice with both Free Response and Multiple Choice problems.  Particular attention shall be paid to Using Theorems for Reasoning and Tables of Data. Late afternoon will consist of examining how these types of problems are graded, and key ways to earn points.

2.     New Resources have been made available by College Board for use in the classroom. The most recent Course and Exam Description (CED) will be explored, giving participants not only content to cover, but also a suggested timeline that may be followed.   Problem banks and formative quiz materials are available on the CB website.  A portion of Day 2 shall be dedicated to becoming familiar with these materials.  In the afternoon, we shall return to common problems, focusing on graph analysis and position/velocity/acceleration problems, and their scoring. Time will also be spent discussing the practice exam provided by the College Board.

3.     Day 3 shall focus on commonly occurring problems, and how to scaffold instruction to maximize both conceptual understanding and how to earn points on the exam!  Particular attention shall be paid to differential equations and emphasis on notation.  Resources will be introduced for extra practice in the classroom.

4.     On the final day, we will conclude with topics not previously covered!!  Like the first three days, specific AP problems will be worked and scoring guidelines analyzed.  We will finish up the Practice Exam and conclude our discussion of resources available.

By the end of the week, Participants should be comfortable with the curriculum, and with the commonly occurring problems on the AP Exam.  Participants should be comfortable with the scoring guidelines for these problems, as well as how to earn specific points.  In addition, resources ranging from the College Board to my Google Drive will be available so that participants can enhance their teaching experience.