CEUs, College Credit  2022


Deadline for registration is 8/6/2022

  1. Click on THIS LINKYou will be taken to the page at the right.
  2. On the grey box to the right ("Enroll Now"), choose EDC-X738U- 001 for Computer Science Principles,  EDC-X738U- 002 for any online Week 2 section, or EDC-X738U- 003 for any Week2 in-person section.
  3. Click on Add to Cart
  4. Check out

You will receive, at the end of the workshop, a certificate that states that you have completed a College Board endorsed 30-hour workshop in your subject area. This should satisfy CEU requirements for those that need them. We do not offer formal CEU credit through an institution of higher learning.
Please note that you will receive your certificate via a link provided in an email you will receive from the registration system (Cvent) at the end of the workshop. It should arrive within a day or two of the last day of instruction. It will be sent, and cannot be changed at this point, to the email address listed as primary on your registration form.  School emails can be problematic so, if you did list your school email as your primary, please ensure that the spam filter is set to not block emails from AP Seminars.
Two semester units of graduate credit are available for purchase ($158.00) from the University of San Diego.
The course is titled AP Seminars Silicon Valley 2022 - EDC-X738U.
You will need to register with them and you will pay them directly (see below).

Once the registration deadline (August 6) has passed, AP Seminars will be sent a list of those applying for credit. We will verify attendance and give grades (which will be Pass/Fail). After that is complete, transcripts will be available. As soon as we deternime the logistics of that process, we will post it here.