(This course can be taken alone or in conjunction with Computer Science Principles, which is offered July 21-24) 
Judith Hromcik
Judith Hromcik taught AP Computer Science teacher at Arlington High School in Arlington, Texas for 20 years.  She has taught Computer Science for the last eight years at The School for the Talented and the Gifted in Dallas, Texas.  Judith was a member of the AP Computer Science Development Committee from 2001 - 2005 and has been a Reader, Table Leader, and a Question Leader at the AP Computer Science Reading.   She has been a College Board consultant since 1997 and has conducted many AP Computer Science Summer Institutes and workshops.   Judith wrote the solutions for the "GridWorld" case study and is a co-author of the new Computer Science lab "Elevens".  She piloted tested "Elevens" and "Magpie" in her classes.  Judith has a strong interest in developing curriculum for Computer Science. Biography coming soon
The AP Computer Science A course changed this past 2019-2020 school year.  This summer, we will look at those changes and what we must do in our classrooms to help our students prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam.  With that in mind, here are some of the topics that we will cover this summer:
• Deep dive into the Curriculum and Exam Description (CED)
• Giving and grading FRQ's, including using the new format for FRQ's
• Tips and tricks for using AP Classroom effectively in the classroom
• Exploring ways to build a flipped CS classroom including creating videos and online activities
• The development of at least one full unit together with time for you to customize the unit according to your needs
• Modeling how to teach CS concepts using manipulatives, stories, and student-centered activities
• Mock scoring of at least one free response question
•Ideas on how to increase the numbers of both females and underrepresented minorities in your classroom

I look forward to seeing you this summer!
AP® Computer Science A     
Daily Schedule (30 hours total)
Monday - Friday:  6 daily hours (30 hours)
Synchronous -- 4 hours
Asynchronous  -- 2 hours
Day 1:  Understanding the Course
Course and Exam Description (synchronous)
●      Deep Dive into the CED (2 hours)
●      Begin Unit Development (1 hour)
●      Flipping the CS A classroom (1 hour)
Exploring AP Classroom (asynchronous)
●      Videos   (1 hour)
●      Self Guided Study (1 hour)
Day 2: Teaching the Course
Instructional Strategies (synchronous)
●      AP Classroom Q & A (1 hour)
●      Modeling CS Concepts (2 hours)
●      Flipping the CS Classroom: Creating Videos (1 hour)
Developing the Unit (asynchronous)
●      Creating Videos for the Unit (2 hours)
Day 3:  Developing and Teaching the Course
Instructional Strategies (synchronous)
●      Strategies and Pedagogical Tools (2 hours)
●      Using AP Classroom Data (1 hour)
●      Preparing for the Exam (1 hour)
Developing the Unit (asynchronous)
●      Read through the AP Labs and choose one (1  hour)
●      Add content to the Unit (1 hour)
Day 4:  Assessing Student Progress and Course Development
Instructional Strategies (synchronous)
●      Interpreting the AP Instructional Planning Report / AP Classroom Progress Data (1 hour)
●      AP Labs (1 hour)
●      Flipping the AP Classroom (1 hour)
●      Scoring FRQs (1 hour)
AP Labs / Preparing for the AP Exam (asynchronous)  (2 hours)
●      Work on your AP Lab
●      Create Review Materials for AP Exam
Day 5: Developing the Course / Joining the Community / Recruitment
Instructional Strategies (synchronous)
●      Online Teacher Community and Recruitment (1 hour)
●      Flipping the AP Classroom - Share Videos, Tools, Ideas, Materials (2 hours)
●      Syllabus Development (1 hour)
●      Preparing for the Exam and Goodbyes (2 hours)