Important Links & forms to fill out: 

 Stanford University map

 Stern Hall Area , a close-up look of the area around the dorm.

Lodging Information

Stern Hall is located mid-campus at Stanford University, at 618 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305.  Accommodations are primarily shared  doubles. During the summer, the Housing Front Desk for Stern will be at in the Mark Taper Center in Crothers Hall, located at 615 Escondido Rd. Participants staying on campus will eat breakfast and dinner at the Arrillaga Family Dining Commons (AFDC), just across Arguello Way from Crothers.

Special needs: If you are staying on campus and have a disability requiring accommodation, please inform us immediately (at; or by phone at 650-964-3082). Please note that the beds are higher than normal beds and may present some challenge getting into.
Rooms include linens and a small bar of soap. Only common areas are cleaned during the week and there is no maid service. Please bring whatever else you may need for the week. Please note that the beds are higher than normal beds and may present some challenge getting into.

Internet access is available free to all Stanford guests. Simply go to the Wi-Fi menu on your device and log on to the Stanford Guest site. No password is needed. This isn’t the fastest connection in the world (streaming a movie could be a problem), nor is it secure, but should be plenty fast for checking e-mail and basic web browsing.

Your meal ticket (which you’ll receive at check-in) includes the reception on Sunday evening, breakfast Monday–Thursday, dinner Monday–Wednesday, and includes a BBQ dinner (Steak and Salmon) on Tuesday evening (which will be held in the interior Twain courtyard of Stern Hall).

If you ordered the lunch plan, a box lunch from Panera Bread will be provided for you at Palo Alto High School.

If you did not order the lunch plan, you are on your own for lunch. See PLACES TO EAT AT STANFORD for dining options there or Town & Country Village for dining options near Paly.

You will receive a Conference Card at check-in that certifies you as a conference attendee and gives you the option of using certain campus facilities for a fee (gyms, pools, etc.).      

Check-in   Sunday, July 28. 3 pm-5:30 pm

Check in for AP Seminars is in the interior courtyard between Sally Ride (your dorm) and Zapata  (see Stern Hall Area Map ).

The Crothers Housing Front Desk will also have a table set up in the same courtyard near the AP Seminars check-in from 3-5 on Sunday, July 29th.

Outside of those hours, go to the Crothers Housing Front Desk, across the street, inside of the Mark Taper Center. The phone number is (650) 721-2765. The after hours emergency number is 650-725-1602.

You will need to download and fill out forms (links below) to bring with you when you check in (we’ll have some forms available, but you’ll definitely save time by having them with you):

1. A $206.00 Key/Security Deposit (room key replacement is $136.00; building door fob is $70.00) must be paid, at check-in, by those staying in the dorm. This can be paid by credit card at check-in with AP Seminars. This form also covers any damages caused by you during your stay. Your credit card will not be charged unless a key and/or fob is lost and, once obligations are cleared, all credit card information will be shredded. Please be prepared to show your credit card to the check-in person.

2. An Individual Waiver Form is required by Stanford of those staying on campus.

Please download, fill out, and bring these forms with you to check in: 




You will need a parking permit if you intend to park on campus.  You may purchase one at the Crothers Front Desk .  (see Stern Hall Area map for location of Crothers and parking.)

Parking during check-in and for the week can be in any residential lot (EA, ES, ST, SO, WE). The best lot for parking this week is in the Wilbur Field Garage . There are EA and SO spaces available there. Enforcement in residential spaces is 24/7. Do not park in “A” spaces or “C” spaces (unless it is also designated EA or SO). Stanford is very enthusiastic about enforcing parking regulations and a parking ticket will cost you about $50.00.  Parking regulations are enforced from 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Except for the residential spaces, there are no parking restrictions outside of those hours.

Again, during the week you must park in a residential lot and your permit must be on your car by 6:00 AM Monday morning to avoid getting ticketed.

You should probably read this section again!  

Opening Reception

You are invited to our OPENING RECEPTION, for on-campus participants only, at the East Courtyard outside Munger Graduate Residence #4, at 5:30 PM on Sunday, July 28th. There will be adult beverages and appetizers but you may prefer to eat light and sample the incredible restaurants in Palo Alto, or even take a field trip to The City (San Francisco).