AP Seminars Silicon Valley 2022

Information for In-Person Participants

Location: Palo Alto High School (Paly), 50 Emarcadero Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94301 (Map).  It is at the corner of Embarcadero Rd. and El Camino Real, directly across El Camino Real from Stanford University. It is accessible by both bus and Cal Train. No parking permit is needed at Paly (no matter what the signs say!).
Check-In is located just outside of the 800 Building (see Paly Mapbeginning at 7:15am. Please arrive in time to be in class for the 8:00am start. Be sure to pick up your name tag and, if you ordered the lunch plan, your lunch ticket at the check-in desk before heading to class.
Weather: Dress comfortably (this is California, it's OK)! Weather in Palo Alto is typically pleasant this time of the year with daytime temperatures in the low 80's and comfortable humidity. However, a heat wave is always a possibility. The classrooms are air-conditioned. You might want layers for evenings. If you plan on visiting San Francisco, it is usually much cooler than Palo Alto (one of the famous quotes often attributed to Mark Twain - who apparently never said it- is "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.").
Morning Breaks will be provided mid-morning each day in the courtyard of the 800 Building. This is not designed to be breakfast or lunch. Boxed lunches from Panera Bread will be available in the break area at lunch time. Make sure you have your lunch ticket with you when you go to pick up your lunch. It may be possible to purchase the lunch plan at the institute ($65.00 for the week).
Town and Country Village is conveniently located a short walk across Embarcadero Rd. If you did not puchase the lunch plan and want to walk a bit, you can find a variety of options here. (Town and Country Shops and Restaurants)
Emergency Contact: For an emergency at Paly, contact Gretchen Cater at 650-282-0042.  If she is not available, contact Duane or Normajean Hinders at 650-964-3082 or 650-740-4881.