Section IV: Palo Alto High School (Paly) Information

Getting to Paly       

Paly is located at 50 Embarcadero Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94301
There are three entrances: from Embarcadero Rd., from El Camino Real, and from Churchill Ave.

Due to construction, parking may be limited so here are some solutions to consider:

  • arrive early.
  • use public transportation: buses go right by Paly on El Camino and the Palo Alto train station is about a 20-minute walk (healthy!) from Paly.
  • bring a bicycle and park a ways from campus.  Bicycles can be rented on the Stanford Campus  at the Campus Bike Shop (closed Sunday) and at the Cardinal Bike Shop (open Sunday) located near campus on El Camino.   Google "Bikes near Stanford" and you'll find more.

If you are staying at Stern Hall, the map, Stern to Paly shows how to walk or drive. Some of you may be participating in car pools that have been set up. Another transportation option from Stern to Paly is the Marguerite Shuttle (line X, which picks up close to Stern and can drop you off at Town and Country Village, just across the street from Paly. There are stops near the Stern (see Marguerite Line X Map). Line Y is used to return to Stern. The following links will help you understand the shuttle better: 

Marguerite Shuttle Line X Map

Marguerite Shuttle Line X Schedule

Marguerite Shuttle Line Y Schedule

Marguerite Shuttel Line Y Map

If you are not staying on campus, you do not need to come to Stanford at all. While you can check in at Stanford on Sunday afternoon, you can more easily check in at Paly on Monday morning.

At Paly      

Check-in Monday morning where it says “Check-in” on the Paly Map

There will be 450 or so people trying to check-in, so please allow sufficient time to arrive on campus and get checked in. If you already checked-in at Stern Hall on Sunday, you can go directly into the Opening ceremony.

7:15 am         Check-in begins

8:00 am        Opening ceremony at the Performing Arts Building  (on Paly Map-near Embarcadero entrance)

Classes begin after the assembly. 

Where is my classroom?  Classes will be held in the 800 Building and in the Science Building.

Specific classroom locations are listed in Section V. Here are some maps to help you:

 Paly Map 

 800 Building Map.

Morning breaks will be provided mid-morning each day, in the courtyard of the 800 Building.

This is not designed to be breakfast or lunch  - or to meet the coffee needs of some of you out there.

Coffee fiends - you can tank up at the Peet's coffee, in walking distance at Town & Country Village 

Lunch plan: boxed lunches from Panera Bread will be available in the break area. Make sure you have your lunch ticket with you when you go to pick up your lunch. It may be possible to purchase the lunch plan at the institute. 

Town & Country Village is conveniently a short walk across Embarcadero Rd. If you did not purchase the lunch plan and want to walk a bit, you can find a variety of options here.