Dorm Lodging at Menlo College

• We are able to offer a limited number of rooms located in a college dorm (Kratt Hall) at Menlo College in Atherton, CA. Menlo College is a small, private college located about 2.5 miles from Palo Alto High School and is, depending on the time of day, approximately a ten-minute drive. Public transportation is also available.
• We have single rooms and multiple-bed rooms, which can be single or shared-double. Beds in shared rooms are lofted (like the top bunk on a set of bunk beds, see picture below) and are accessible by a permanently mounted ladder. If you have serious mobility issues, these beds could present a challenge for you. True single rooms without lofted beds are available, but limited. Shared rooms have three or four beds available but we will put at most two in a room. There is a single, shared bathroom on each floor of the building. One floor will be for males and the other for females.

• The dorms are not air-conditioned. Summers are usually mild in Northern California, but a heat wave is always a possibility.

• Depending on demand, we will use some of the multiple bed rooms as singles. The true single rooms will initially be reserved for those with verifiable needs. 

  • Linens are included.
• Breakfast (Monday - Thursday) and dinner (Sunday - Wednesday) are included in the housing plan. Lunch is available as a separate option at Palo Alto High School.
• These rooms offer the advantage of an affordable lodging option while at AP Seminars. They are not as comfortable, but are a real  bargain compared to costs at local motels/hotels.
• Shared rooms, including breakfast and dinner, is $495.00 for the four nights. Single rooms, either in a true-single or a multiple-bed room, is $595.00 for the four nights.
•To register for a dorm room, select the lodging option on the registration form after you have selected your subject.

Entrance to Menlo College

Menlo College Campus

Kratt Hall (Dorm)