Despite the unique challenges of 2022, we at AP Seminars are working hard to bring you the training you need to help your AP students be successful. This year's online APSI is a balance of synchronous (simultaneously in a virtual classroom) and asynchronous (assignments you will do on your own). You are still expected to do all 30 hours of work in order to receive your certificate of completion.

Our expert consulting staff have invested many hours adapting their lessons to maintain the quality and dynamism of their in-person training. We fully trust you will be well-prepared and inspired by the end of the week. 

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. 

Your specific presenter will reach out to you very soon via email. Please pay close attention to their communications. Your presenter  will tell you how to connect with their class. 
Video conferencing/LMS tools are at the discretion of individual presenters; please pay close attention to their emails to know which  they are using: Microsoft, Google, Blackboard, Canvas.
There may be some work to do before the first session!


Most 2022 synchronous lessons will be held on ZOOM

TIPS: Using a large monitor will allow you to see your fellow teachers, your presenter's shared presentation, and have your chat box open for comments and questions. 


Most sessions will use the Google Classroom Learning Management System (LMS) for asynchronous learning: to share documents, make announcements, collect assignments, hold discussions, etc.

NOTE: These Classrooms are not through the Education Suite. Therefore, you must connect with these classrooms through a personal account. ALL .edu email accounts are restricted from participating in non-institutional classrooms. Be prepared to load Classroom or whatever other LMS your presenter is using.


Have all supplies on hand BEFORE session 1 starts, including:

  • fully charged computer with camera/microphone tested.
  • College Board Materials*
  • writing supplies
  • your preferred caffeine & hydration.

Minimize distractions as much as possible, including background noise.

Be sure your internet has a strong enough connection for video conferencing. 

Have headphones or mic/speakers in proper working order. 

Position yourself somewhere where you have blanced light 

* College Board materials will be sent directly to your home

PRE CONFERENCE - 2022 Online