Registration/Payment 2018

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Fee Options

Tuition/Registration (required)

 There are three registration periods: Early-bird (opening of registration through May 11, 2018), Regular (May 12 - June 29), and Late  (June 30 - close of registration).  These periods are defined in terms of when payment is received, not the date of registration.  The fees for the tuition options are as follows:

Early-bird Registration: $750.00 (for registrations paid on/before May 11, 2018)
• Regular Registration:       $785.00 (for registrations paid on/after May 12 and on/before June 29)
• Late Registration:               $825.00 (for registrations paid on/after June 30)
• There is a $30.00 Lab Fee for participants in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics 1, and  Physics C
Other Fees (optional)
Lodging/Meals (Week #1: $640.00; Week #2: $550.00).  
•  For Week #1 (CSP only), on-campus housing is not available for 7/23-7/27. However, we have reserved a small block of rooms at the nearby Stanford Guest House. The Guest House cost of $640.00 includes taxes and breakfast (dinner is not included).  The Guest House is a hotel owned and operated by Stanford University and is about a 7-8 minute drive from Palo Alto High School. As of 5/9, these are SOLD OUT.
For Week #2, limited dorm space, including Sunday reception, breakfast Monday-Thursday, and dinner Monday-Wednesday, will be available on the campus of Stanford University. Rooms are mostly double occupancy although there may be a few singles. Bathroom facilities are shared. The ratio of singles, single room doubles, and two-room doubles will not be known until very close to the start of the workshop and we are unable to accoomodate requests for specific accommodations. Dorms are not air conditioned. 
• Parking. Participants parking a car on the Stanford campus are required to purchase a parking permit (about $20), which can be purchased upon arrival on July 29. No permit is required at Palo Alto High School. 
• Lunch Plan: $65.00.  Panera Bread will deliver a box lunch to you on campus Monday through Thursday. (See FAQ#13 for an explanation of why lunch isn't included.)

College Credit: $160.00.  Two semester graduate units will be available from San Diego State University.  Details for obtaining credit will be posted in the Pre-Conference Materials Section of this website on, approximately, July 1, 2018.

No-fee registration. We offer complementary registration (tuition only, including lab fees) for one Palo Alto High School Teacher per subject area.  College Board Grant reipients will have their tuition (including lab fees) paid directly to us by the College Board.  Palo Alto High School Teachers and College Board Grant recipients may, at their option, purchase the lodging/meals plan, the lunch plan, or college credit.  To access information about the AP Summer Institute  Scholarship Program, click on  CB APSI Grants

Note: if you are a CB Grant recipient or a PAHS teacher, please send an e-mail once you have finished registering to with that information so that we can properly credit your registration.

(Remember: Step 1: Register; Step 2: Pay fees)

Registration Information: 
[Note that you must have an Educator Professional Login (EPL) in order to register. If you need an account, visit the College Board Sign-in Page to sign up.  For further information, call (703) 297-3693.]
If you are now ready to register for Computer Science Principles (July 24-27), click on Week 1 Registration Website (for the full College Board registration website) or on Week 1 Registration only (for just the registration form).  These sites will open in a new tab or page.  If you got to the full site, note that the Register button is at the bottom of the summary page.
If you are now ready to register for any course offering July 30 - August 2, click on Week 2 Registration Website (for the full College Board registration website) or on Week 2 Registration only (for just the registration form). These sites will open in a new tab or page. If you got to the full site, note that the Register button is at the bottom of the summary page.
Any questions (not related to the EPL)?  Please contact Duane at 650-964-3082 or at
(Remember: Step 1: Register; Step 2: Pay fees)
Payment Information  (please read the following  bulleted points before proceeding to the registration section below):

All fees must be paid prior to the start of the institute.  Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or check. Note that we do not accept Purchase Orders. Beginning June 30, 2018, all new registrations must be paid by credit card or PayPal.  Registrations unpaid as of July 1, 2018 are subject to cancellation.  See FAQ #14 for more information.

Registration officially begins on January 1 and closes on  July 26.  Registrations will normally be confirmed within three days of receipt.  If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, do NOT assume that you are registered!  Contact AP Seminars ( to determine the status of your registration.

• There is a cancellation fee of $50.00 for registrations cancelled prior to June 26 and a  $100 fee for registrations cancelled after June 26 up until July 26.  There are no refunds after July 26.  After June 26, participants staying in the dorm are eligible for refunds only if we have met our guarantees to Stanford.  Please see FAQs #12 and #14 for more information about cancellations and refunds.

Fees may be paid by check (personal or district), credit card, or PayPal

By check.  Send payments, along with a copy of the appropriate downloadable form (below),
to:        AP Seminars Silicon Valley
             2625 Swanson Way
             Mountain View, CA 94040
• By credit card.  Click on Pay by Credit Card to be directed to the credit card payment form.  This will open a new tab or window.  You can also fax in credit card in formation using the appropriate transmittal form above.  Please note that submitting this form does not immediately charge your credit card.  That will be done, and confirmed, once the information is received by AP Seminars.
• By PayPal.  Click on PayPal to be directed to the PayPal page. This page will open in a new tab or window.  
PLEASE read the details below this box carefully before registeringScroll down for Fee Options, Registration, and Payment Details.  Note that Registration and Payment are separate, but both essential, processes.  The proper order is to register first and then make payment. We have no way to credit a payment without a registration on file.