Classroom Locations, CEUs, College Credit  2018

CLASSROOM LOCATIONS    (these are subject to change; please double-check when you register)
All classes are held on the Palo Alto High School campus.
Links to helpful maps:
Art History: 800 Building, Room 810
Biology: Science Building, Room 1708
Calculus AB: 800 Building, Room 851
Calculus BC: 800 Building, Room 864
Chemistry: Science Building, Room 1705
Chinese: 800 Building, Room 801
Computer Science A: 800 Building, Room 853
Computer Science Principles (Week 1): 800 Building,Room 853
Economics: 800 Building, Room 806
English Language: 800 Building, Room 812
English Literature 800 Building, Room 811
Environmental Science: Science Building, Room 1707
European History: 800 Building, Room 803
French: 800 Building, Room 807
Government & Politics - US (Ssection 1): 800 Building, Room 861
Government & Politics - US (Ssection 2): 800 Building, Room 860
Physics 1: Science Building, Room 1709
Physics C: Science Building, Room 1710
Psychology: 800 Building, Room 805
Spanish Language: 800 Building, Room 808
Spanish Literature: 800 Building, Room 809
Statistics: 800 Building, Room 863
U.S. History: 800 Building, Room 862
World History: 800 Building, Room 855
You will receive, at the end of the workshop, a certificate that states that you have completed a College Board endorsed 30-hour workshop in your subject area. This should satisfy CEU requirements for those that need them. We do not offer formal CEU credit through an institution of higher learning.
Two semester units of graduate credit are available for purschase ($160.00) from San Diego State University. You will need to register with them and will pay them directly.   Course Information  can be found in the flyer below.  
When you are ready to register:
  • Click on Register Here (if the link doesn't work, cut and paste into your browser).
  • When you get on the Registation Page, click on "Add to Cart." 
  • Click on "Check Out" and you will be taken to a login page 
  • Create an account with San Diego State
  • Complete the registration process. 

If you need help, there is a phone number to call (619) 594-5152