John Gunnin

John Gunnin has taught AP* Art History and AP* Studio Art at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California for 20 years. He has served as the co-chair of the AP* Art History Development Committee for the College Board. He has also been a question leader for the AP* Art History exam reading. In addition, he has served on the College Board* Curriculum Revision Committee and is one of the authors of the first AP* Art History Curriculum Framework published in 2015. He was named the Orange County Arts Educator of the Year for 2007 and the Corona del Mar High School Teacher of the Year for 2009 and 2016.
Online Advanced Placement Summer Institute (draft)
Summer 2021
Welcome! This institute will focus on starting, teaching, and maintaining a successful AP* Art History course.  We will embrace art historical methodology and explore strategies designed to promote student involvement and learning. There will be a concerted effort to enhance remote learning. This 4-day session will meet the needs of both new and experienced AP Art History teachers.

We will explore current changes in the curriculum framework, exam structure, and course content. We will share best practices and ways to create a high interest learning environment.  We will extend our knowledge of remote learning strategies.  In addition, we will address the challenges of teaching global content and the four major components of a work of art:  Form, Content, Context, & Function.  Our work together will culminate in a producing a remote lesson format such as Playposit Bulbs.

To meet the goals of the APSI, we will use Zoom online for our synchronous meetings, which will comprise approximately 50% of our week. Our online day will commence each morning with a synchronous meeting. Attending these synchronous sessions is important since 1) participants will be able to collaborate together as they work with the course curriculum and skills in order to plan their courses, and 2) I will be available to answer real-time questions. The remaining 50% of the time will consist of asynchronous learning experiences that involve participant activities, projects, and interactions using, Google Drive, and Zoom.

The daily time model follows although we may need to alter it at times. There is a requirement of 30 workshop hours but your asynchronous time can be flexed to your convenience.
DAY 1 Mon.
Synchronous Module
I.  What an art history class looks like:
A. What we do: Teaching Form, Content, Context, & Function-presentation models
B. Graphic Organizers for the 250, preview & download from google drive.
II.  Overview of Course and Exam Description
A.  Understanding Required Course Content, Topics, and Skills
a.  Ten Units of Content
     i.    Organized Geographically
     ii.   Organized Chronologically by Region
     iii.  Aligned with Art Historical Thinking Skills and the 250 works
b.  Framework for Each Unit
i.   Essential Knowledge & Learning Objectives
ii.   Art Historical Thinking skills --visual, contextual & comparative analysis
              c.  The AP exam
i.  General Format & Practice Exam, sample questions
ii.  AP exam continued, Sample questions & responses
iii.  Writing good questions

Asynchronous Module: s ee assignment list

Day 2 Tues.
  Synchronous Module
I.  Review homework and take questions
II. Finish Testing--AP and in class
       A.  How Often and What Format?
B.  Using AP Classroom for Assessment 
C.  Identification Quizzes
      III.   Art Historical Skills 1,2 & 3
            A.  Skill 1 Visual Analysis—presentation model
                  Practice Visual Analysis
            B.  Skill 2 Contextual Analysis—presentation model
                  Practice Contextual Analysis
            C. Making class fun! Creative Pedagogy
            Sharing and best practices

Asynchronous Module: s ee assignment list

DAY 3 Wed.
Synchronous Module
I.  Review homework and take questions, pedagogy wrap up
    Best practices
    Remote learning approaches
       II.   Art Historical Skills 4,5, 6
            A.  Skill 3- Comparison of Works of Art
                        1.  Practice Comparative Analysis
            B.  Skill 4- Artistic Traditions 
                        1. Practice Assessing the Continuity and Change of artistic traditions.
            C.  Rubrics for skills 3 and 4
     D.  Skill 6 
Asynchronous Module: s ee assignment list
Day 4 Thursday

Synchronous Module
I.   Review Art Historical Skill 7, 8
II.  Using AP Classroom test bank and old AP Exam prompts
III. Museum Visit
Asynchronous Module*:  finish assignment list, finish and load
Day 5 Friday  
I.   Class Presentations: Playposit bulbs
II.  Review Content on Post-Exam Activities
III. Discussion Board: Wrap-Up and Workshop Feedback
*On you own--submit 2 evaluations online.
Welcome! The AP Art History course will focus on pedagogical approaches, course content, and organizing. We will spend time on AP classroom and the current Course and Exam Description. In the summer of 2021, we will focus on remote learning strategies such as PlayPosit Bulbs. Participants will also score sample essays from the exam and gain an understanding of how students can succeed on the AP test. We will explore how to make the class fun, high interest, and hopefully, life-changing. We will share resources with the hope of making your coming year easier. Bring your current syllabus and a list of favorite resources and best practices. Participants will design a presentation for remote learning to share with the group. If we are on site, we will visit a museum. This session will meet the needs of both new and experienced AP Art History teachers. Be prepared to have fun and learn a lot!