Xiaolin Chang
Xiaolin Chang taught Chinese more than 30 years including more than 10 years of AP* Chinese. She also served as the world language department chair at Lowell High School in San Francisco. In the professional development field, she was in the committee of the Chinese section for the National Standards of Foreign Language Learning for K-12. Her professional experiences in AP* Chinese Development include being a member of the AP* Chinese Language and Culture Exam Development Committee, Professional Development Advisory Group, co-author of Pre AP* Summer Institute manual and one of the syllabi contributors to the AP* Chinese Teacher's Guide. She serves as a College Board* AP* Chinese workshop consultant.
AP Seminars Silicon Valley Online 2021
Xiaolin Chang
Course Description
欢迎各位老师! APSI for Chinese Language and Culture will provide an opportunity for teachers to focus on the AP course. We’ll explore the new course and exam description and design or improve your course to challenge students and prepare them for the AP* Chinese exam. We’ll learn how to incorporate the new digital resources provided by the College Board into your teaching. We’ll definitely share different and interactive strategies and materials.

•  Design or re-evaluate a syllabus based on the new CED (AP* Chinese Language and Culture Course and Exam    Description).
•   Plan effective and engaging units for classroom practice.
•  Review students’ performances on this year’s exam
•  Share teaching strategies and materials
Note:  This year’s APSI will be delivered online via Zoom. Most of the time our classes will be synchronous and you’ll have some asynchronous assignments. Materials will be shared through Google Drive.
Materials needed:

·      The New AP Chinese Language and Culture CED

·      Strategies and lesson plans that are ready to share with other participants.

Day 1
•      Introduction
•     AP* Classroom use
•      The New CED contents
•     Equity, Inclusion and Access
•     Overview of the AP* Chinese Language and Culture Exam
Day 2
•      How to design a syllabus based on the new CED
•      How to help students improve their interpretive skills
Day 3   
•      Help students develop the skill of interpersonally speaking with others and writing to others
•     Review rubric for both skills
•      Analyze some students samples
•      Examine and discuss the scoring guidelines
•     Suggestions for students and teaching strategies for teachers
Day 4
•      Help students develop their presentational speaking and writing skills
•      Review rubric for Cultural presentation and Story Narration
•      Assess students’ performance
•      Examine and discuss the scoring guidelines
•      Suggestions for students and teaching strategies for teachers
Day 5
•      Participants Presentation:
•      Syllabus Design Assignment (given on Day 2)
•      Feedback for each presentation
•      Sharing teaching resources:

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