Calculus BC

Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor received a BS in Mathematics from Iowa State University and an MS also in Mathematics from the University of Iowa. He taught for 11 years in Iowa and 30 years in Utah at Davis High School. Awards received include The USA Today All USA Teacher Team Second Team 2000, the Davis School District Hall of Fame/Horizon Award 2001, the Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education 2008, and the UCTM Don Clark Award in 2013.
Gary taught AP Calculus at Davis High School for 20 years and served as an AP Reader for 6 years. He was instrumental in building one of the largest and most successful AP programs in the United States. Gary has led College BoardTM Calculus workshops in Bellevue, Bozeman, Bountiful, San Mateo, Denver, San Antonio, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, La Jolla, El Paso, Kaysville, Grand Junction, Vancouver WA, Palo Alto, Irvine, Richmond, Kaneohe, Lagos, Mumbai, Pompano Beach, McClellan Park, Anchorage, Albuquerque, San Gabriel, Calgary, Vancouver BC, Santa Anna, Winnipeg, Farmington, Seattle, Tucson, Nanjing, Phoenix, Newark, Gilbert, Manhattan, Compton, Atlanta, Charleston, Baltimore, Edmonton, and Shanghai.            

Gary is coauthor of “The Essentials of Calculus” and “Calculus Extended” as well as early transcendentals versions of each.
Course Description:
This institute is designed to reinforce and streamline participant’s understanding of Calculus BC topics and teaching strategies. Some Calculus AB topics will be included for discussion. However, more attention will be given to those topics required only for the BC exam. A great deal of attention will be given to the manner in which topics are tested on the AP* exam and how to prepare students for the AP experience. Participants will receive materials for all Calculus topics as well as test review materials. Strategies for using the online AP Classroom resourced will be explored.                            
A TI 84 graphing calculator will be used for instruction.

Participants should have a copy of their primary Calculus text and access to a graphing calculator.
Calculus BC Agenda

• Introductions 
• Building a more successful AP program 
• Access and Equity (student selection and recruitment) 
• PreAP course alignment 
• Test prep strategies 
• Changes included in the new Course and Exam Description
• Online resources available in AP Classroom
AB Calculus Topics (mostly brief discussion)
• Chain Rule Differentiation 
• Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates 
• Mean Value Theorem, Curve Sketching 
• L’Hospital’s Rule
• Integration and The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 
• Differential Equations and Slope Fields 
BC Calculus Topics (in-depth study)
• Euler’s Method 
• Integration by Parts 
• Improper Integrals 
• Series 
     • Taylor Series 
     • Convergence Tests 
     • Interval of Convergence 
     • Error Bound 
• Parametrics 
• Polars 
• Vectors
• AP* Test Review Materials and Strategies 
• The 2024 Free Response Exam