Lodging Options
AP Seminars Silicon Valley
7/24/23 - 7/27/23
The San Francisco Bay Area in general, and the area close to Palo Alto High School in particular, can be very expensive places to rent a motel/hotel, especially during the summer.  It isn't difficult to find places that cost upward of $400/night (e.g., Sheraton Hotel, $846/night; Westin Hotel, $785/night) and can be very difficult to find places for close to $200/night or under. 
The chart below is a sampling of (more-or-less reasonably priced) Expedia listings for checking in on Sunday, July 23 and checking out on Thursday, July 27. All of these advertise free Wi-Fi and breakfast included. The prices given are for booking as this is being written (12/10/22) and will most likely go up as the date nears. Also, some of these will sell out at the date nears. You can look at the Expedia Website yourself to see what gems you can uncover. Adjust the filters to fit your situation. Driving times will most likely be longer on a workday morning.
Another option you might be interested in is Airbnb.